How to start Affiliate Marketing Business?

If you've any trouble or confusion regarding on starting a new business then, share your thought here in Business StartUp Category.
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Hello friends, I am here for starting discussion on some questions and businesses. If you know any information about affiliate marketing business then, share with me.

I wanted to start my affiliate marketing website for selling amazon products. Is it good or bad?

Do you know any good affiliate marketing platforms? Trusted one. Ok.

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Tue Feb 14, 2017 5:30 am

Starting affiliate marketing business is easy but, it is one in case if you do smart work in right direction.

Well, what is smart work?

Smart work is targeting people in best market place & social media.

Right direction is, which strategies and marketing techniques you are using for that affiliate product. Like, if you're selling amazon products then, use video marketing, unboxing marketing videos to gain your affiliate commission. If you go for writing amazon product reviews then, you might get long time to get good commission.

So, Smart work in right direction is a first thing in affiliate marketing.

Second thing is which platform you're using to promote your products?
Blog, Social Media, Youtube or Forums?

Well, you must need to master in one of the above four platform. It doesn't mean you have to be accurate and million time smart on that platform. You just need to be real and share your articles, reviews, video talks as practical and in well communication.

Third thing is face reveal.

Reveling your face on your blog, article and video will increase you 80% chances to sell your affiliate product. So, Use these 3 things to start affiliate marketing business.

At last, where to start affiliate business?

Just google it "Top 10 Affiliate Platform in 2017" You get lots of websites to get information. Well, if you've any question then, ask me below.

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Vivek Sharma
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Great answer. You explained major things about affiliate marketing. Great.

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I am confused about affiliate marketing because i never made anything from amazon affiliate marketing. So, its hard for me

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I know basic details and information about affiliate marketing I want to know further information how to start and in which path I should move on

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:?: I donno whether this is the right question to ask here ...but i wanna do a T- shirt business of my own brand...

I was wondering whether i can sell my products on amazon as well as affiliate amazon and my own brand t - shirts both on my website ...and i am also going to start a sports youtube channel on which i can affiliate amazon products...

Can I do that or is it against the terms and conditions of amazon because many people say that amazon wouldn't like to share their traffic with other websites?

Is it legal if I do it ?

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Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:14 pm

What guides or tutorials did you follow on Amazon Affiliate Marketing, Sonali? Some resources are better than others.

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