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Pratieck Dhakal
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Fri Jan 26, 2018 3:42 pm

Hello everyone,
I am Pratieck from Nepal. I've started a business here in the capital city of Nepal. We are total of three partners and our initial capital was little low which we invested in the setups. Now its little getting hard for us to run our business due to insufficient capital and we cant get anymore from the banks. In this condition what are we supposed to do and how are we supposed to make our company survive?
What i actually want to ask is how are we supposed to run a business with no initial capital and how can we get the capital?

Thank you in advance,

Ricky Zarate
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Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:29 am

Hello Pratieck, congrats on your first business steps.
So, what kind of business are you, and your partners running?
Who benefits from your services?
What exactly is it that you need capital for? Items, supply, or bills?
How and why is your business important to maintain?
Do you know who your clientele?
If you can answe these quetions, you certainly can keep, and run your business,

- There are multiple ways that you can find new clients online by targeting your advertising through social media like Facebook ads, google ads and other online marketing strategies. Email marketing works great too.
- you can also refer back to current customers or clients and re-engage them by offering discounts or services when rendering friends and family. Or simply reminding them of your services. accounts are great at helping you grow donations for your business. You can reach your current customer base and other friends and family and fans to help you reach a financial goal. You can answer questions like the ones above that help people understand your business and help you reach your financial goal through donations. Hope this helps some!

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