Does your frim has an emergency plan?

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Thu Mar 15, 2018 12:21 pm

Who knows in your firm what to do if you are not available? You have an answer to it? Great. Also for that one, who could make decisions or enter a contract in your firms or your name? An answer? Perfect!

Who would be your successor if you are not more and is that succession in line with your private testament? We could go so on with questions like, is your testament on a save place where it can be found from the right person. Or is your successor aware of your plans as also your family.

Question over question from which each one could lead to a disaster or at least raise some new question. But lets stick at the first one, what would be if…

The if has not to lead obviously to the topic of death, it can mean also illness, vacation, business trip or your bank asks. (Yes, that thematic could influence your credit-rating).

Once more the question, does you have an emergency plan in your firm?
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